Marcia, Bud, Kolby, Robert, and Tamra

Cow Sense. Speed. Integrity. Customer Service.  Ever since the first horses were foaled on Sperry Ranch, these words have been the heart of our business. Sperry Quarter Horses offers you performance-bred and trained horses. Our homegrown approach and full-service operation will allow you to find the horse that meets your needs.


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Marcia, Tamra, Kanon, Robert and Kolby

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"Every one the using kind"

~~Welcome! In 1909, my great-great grandfather, Moody Sperry, settled the grasslands near Trotters, ND, 30 miles north of Beach. Two things have remained constant in these grasslands since then – the Sperry family and horses. For nearly 100 years this same land has been home to six Sperry generations.

In the beginning, Great Great Grandpa Sperry focused on cattle and crops. Horses were integral to the ranch’s survival but they weren’t the focus. Eventually my grandfather, Kyle Sperry, Sr., took over ranch operations. Grandfather really enjoyed the crop and cattle part of the operation. My father Bud and mother Marcia were more excited about riding horses. It was in the early 1970s when my father and mother started buying colts from Vernon Goldsberry and raised them to broke saddle horses. They had enough for their own ranch use and sold some to neighbors. When Vernon died, they gathered up a band of mares with his genetic foundation to continue the program.

My father worked along side my grandfather until he chose to retire in 1983. At that point my father continued with both the crop and cattle operations. It was in 1999 that my father and mother decided to focus more on the horses and less on the cattle. They have had some good quarter horses along the way. In the 1970s they started with a couple of mares - Levis Lass and Skip Comet Sage - with good cow sense. They bred them to a Goldsberry Stallion. The result was foals with good cow sense and speed.

This winning combination proved helpful to myself and my brother Russell. Over the years we both won many high school, college, amateur and pro rodeo awards. I have finished my college degree in Agricultural Management at Dickinson State University.  After college my wife Tamra and I moved back to the ranch to help my father.  Since my fathers death in 2010, Tamra and I with our sons, Kolby and Kanon, have taken over the ranch.  My mother is still a big help on ranch whether it is to help gather, leg horses up or raise our boys. My brother Russell and his daughters Reese and Rylan live in Rising Star, Texas, where Russell is training horses.

Today, our focus is on breeding, raising and training top-notch performance horses. Come visit us, get to know our horses, see them in the setting they were trained to perform in. Then, take home the one that is the best fit for you. We guarantee your satisfaction.